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Yatin needs accolades for his debut novel. At this young age when children are busy with their studies and watching TV programmes, Yatin could write and publish a novel. Despite his small experience, the narration and the style of presentation look matured…

by -  Dr. S.K. Yadav  (Pro. Vice Chancellor, JJT University)


The novel is well structured with a prologue and an epilogue. The starting is very good and the way, the writer has presented the story arouses curiosity with a question in mind – what next? The climax and the ending give a feeling as if it is happening in a Bollywood movie.

by -  Imtiyaz Ahmed  (Chief Editor, SAS News.in)


“Tum Hi Ho” a heart touching love story written by a young 16 year old boy in such a brilliant manner, which is a unique and special achievement. The story contains all the colours of life: Fun, Laughter, Love and Tears. The language covers within itself every emotion it comes across.

by -  Gaurav Sahni (Assistant Editor, India Today)


The protagonist in the novel suffers and realises how important it is to live despite the sufferings. He gives a message to today’s youngsters that we should not succumb to pressures and problems we face at our homes and in the society. We have to be humane and fight with them. We should do justice to our life whatever steps we take to live a decent life.

by -  Dr. Jagnandan (Prominent Editor & Proof Reader)


A beautiful story of love and friendship, the novel shows that just love is enough to change our lives. It helps us rise when we fail in the race. It encourages us to live when we come under pressure. All we need is someone special to fall in with.

by -  Vinod Chopra (MD, Vinod Prakashan)


A beautiful story of love and friendship, the novel presents how friends are important in our life. They help us rise when we fail in the race. They encourage us to live when we come under pressure. They make us see the dream and help us to pursue that.

by -  Anil Sharma (Director, Osmania Education Centre)


The theme of love has been well presented in this novel. It shows how love is important in our life. Love inspires us to live when we come under stress. It encourages us to pursue our goals. It helps us develop positive attitudes towards our life. The main character in the novel had lost hopes but after meeting someone special his life he realises that love was that one thing which was lacking in his life.

by -  Amit Verma (Prominent P.R. Consultant)


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